April 2018 - Presentation at Security and Privacy on Blockchains Workshop (hosted at Euro S&P)

Feb 2018 - Position Paper accepted to Security and Privacy on Blockchains Workshop (hosted at Euro S&P)

September 2017 - Paper accepted to IEEE Security and Privacy magazine special issue on Blockhain privacy and security. Published in 2018

September 2017 - Workshop accepted to CHI 2018 - HCI for Blockchain: Studying, Designing, Critiquing and Envisioning Distributed Ledger Technologies


I am a research scientist at OneSpan (formerly known as VASCO Data Security) based at their Innovation Centre in Cambridge, UK. I am leading work that researches and creates innovative new technologies and discovers how people will use them. My current research interests are generally focused on new models and technologies for digital identity and their resulting challenges such as privacy. More specificially I'm interested in distributed ledger technology and its application to decentralized identity, and two-factor authentication (e.g. FIDO U2F).

My expertise is situated at the intersection of human-computer interaction and information privacy and security. My work has generated over 25 scientific publications, 3 patents, and been featured in international news media and online blogs.

A list of specific projects that I have led and contributed to in the past can be found here; links to my published articles are here.


Before joining VASCO I spent time as a User Experience Analyst at Atom Bank during its early days as a startup, its fund raise of just under $175million, and successful first mobile app releases. In 2015 Atom was named 8th in the Fintech 100, lept to 6th in 2016, and also featured in Marketing Week's top 100 disruptive brands in 2016. At Atom I was part of a collaborative team scoping requirements, designing business processes and user interfaces, and delivering a mobile banking app on iOS and Android. Ours was a banking platform protected by mobile biometrics and developed on the Unity platform.

Before that, I was a member of Digital Interaction research group at Newcastle University (now known as OpenLab). While at OpenLab I completed a PhD funded by a Microsoft Research PhD scholarship, and afterwards, worked as a postdoctoral Research Associate on the SiDE project within the Connected Home and Communities theme. I also spent time at the Nokia Research Centre within the Trustworthy Communications and Identities group; also at Microsoft Research Cambridge in the Socio-Digital Systems group (now known as the Human Experience and Design group.